Sunday 17 January 2016


Last night Conal and I sat down to watch this film, though I had watched it years ago and knew all the memes, watching it with someone who has never experienced it was brilliant. 

I had shown Conal the Nostalgia critic review of the film and he still wanted to watch the movie because as he said it was a movie he needed to see to believe.

As I said I had seen this film a few years ago, I told to Conal I will need a drink to watch it again and I have to say it seemed to make the movie a funnier experience for both of us.  We both laughed and hurled abuse at the movie.

The one thing we both agreed about the film was that it was well filmed, good shots if you ignore the sex scenes, which were so uncomfortable as clearly Tommy has no idea how to have sex as he was closer to her belly button then her do-dah.

What else can I say about this film that has not already been said by others?  It doesn't make any sense it starts off weird and just gets weirder.  I feel that Tommy Wiseau was actually intending to make a porn film but then tried to add an actual storyline to it to make some sort of point about relationships between men and women.

There are things mentioned by characters that are never mentioned or referred to again, like Lisa's mum having breast cancer, it's mentioned and ignored by Lisa and we never see her sick or going through any treatment.  There is the random character of a drug dealer how turns up and attacks Denny, yet again once the scene is over this is never mentioned or resolved.

I could go on about all the random characters who turn up once or even twice but are never seen again and the guy who comes to Lisa and Johnny's place with his girl friend to do their "home work" which means have sex and all the strange and hilarious faces he pulls.  He comes back to tell Johnny what happened in the one other scene he was in for no apparent reason.

But I know so many people have talked or blogged about this film, it has become a cult classic like Troll 3 that people watch it because it's so bad it is just hysterical.

Would I recommend people watch it, yes, because you cannot believe how awful the acting and story are until you watch it yourself.  this is a great film to put on and get drunk to and even have drinking games with, and don't worry you still won't understand what is going on but you will have so much fun wallowing in the absurdity of it all.

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