Sunday 17 January 2016

In Memoriam

This has been a shocking week with the death of three men that have been part of many peoples childhoods, I'm of course talking about David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Brian Bedford.

Brian Bedford was the voice of Robin Hood in the Disney film of the same name and he provided a voice in the short film “The Mouse Returns”. I know this was not as shocking as the other two as he had a long life and varied career both on stage and screen. The sad part of is it that though he had been with his partner Tim MacDonald since 1986 he had only been married to him for 3 years.

The week started of with a shock, on my way to work the news came over the radio and I just couldn't help but say “What the fuck” It seemed like a sick joke, but as soon as I got to work it was all over the news and it was official.

As many shows and people have stated David Bowie was an artist that had made his mark on music, films and fashion. He had also been a part of so many generations that have grown up with his music and films. I grew up watching “The Snowman” which he introduces every year at Christmas on Channel 4 and one of my Favorite films of my childhood “Labyrinth”

I know that many will talk about his brilliant staring roll in the film “The Man Who Fell To Earth” but I will always remember him for “Labyrinth” and his Music. I like many girls that grew up in the 80's had a crush on David's Bad boy character Jereth the Goblin King, plus as my name is Sarah this was so my movie, of course. I know I could go on and on like many people have about the loss of David but I won't.

While I was at work on Wednesday I heard the news that Alan Rickman had also passed away form cancer at the age of 69, like David.  Once again because no one knew either of them were sick it seemed like a bad joke or one of those death hoaxes, sadly it wasn't.

Alan Rickman was a great actor that could do anything from comedies, dramas and romantic movies I remember watching “Truly Madly Deeply” and laughing and crying just as much as Juliet Stevenson did. I grew up watching him in “Die Hard”, “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Dogma” and many more. I know that to the current generation he is known for playing Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films, but he has done so much more then that.

I would love to be able to talk about these men and the impact they have had on my life and others but I just don't think I can do them justice. I may choose to do something more about them and my thoughts, but for now I wish to share my sadness for the loss of these great actors and artists.

My condolences go out to their families.

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