Sunday 18 August 2013

BLUE CITY (1986)

Movie Mistress back with another movie with a colour theme to the title.

I know nothing about this film so I'm coming in blind all I know is it has Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy or as my dad likes to refer to her “Nice Software” you figure out the movie quote.

So we have credits over images of a city and Judd arriving in Blue City on a bus, already it is clear he is just home from Collage I think the basketball and prepy look gives it away. Boy he must have been a busy guy in the mid 80's. So Judd starts a fight with his bully causing a bar fight and ending up in prison.

So Judd is the Mayors boy desperate for attention or so he says, and it turns out he doesn't know his dad is dead and was murdered.

I feel like this might be slightly like hamlet and that the chief might be the bad guy and it will be up to Judd and Ally to solve the murder of his dad. Judd even asks the mechanic if the chief is on the take, before visiting his dad's grave.

I swear it is pure coincidence that Blue City and Green Hornet have rich prepy guys who don't like their dad and want attention. Oh wow David Caruso (Joey) before he became Horatio, I prefer him at the start of his career to now.

So Judd goes to Kerch's night club (Supposed main Bad Guy) and a call girl talks to him and tries to find out what he knows but Judd realises it and leaves then gets stopped by a blonde guy in a safari suit who takes him to Kerch's office. Kerch tells him he didn't do it and gets his men to beat him up. Judd goes to Ally to get cleaned up and find out more information about Kerch and what he has done to his friend Joey.

Definite Hamlet vibe coming from this film or maybe it is the same thriller/detective story of the 80's movies. Judd pisses off Joey and they fight and suddenly Joey is helping him and as Joey takes him to show where Kerch is everyday at 10:30 and Kerch's car blows up so he pays a visit to his step mum.

I feel like Joey knows too much and has things Judd needs before he asks and I feel he might double cross Judd later for money or will get killed. Judd and Joey hold up the dog track which is owned by Kerch and then is picked up the next day and taken to Chief of Police Reynolds, I still don't trust the Chief.

Kerch's story is Judd's dad worked with him and then someone killed Judd’s dad and he fell in love with Judd’s step mum there is that Hamlet vibe again. Judd won't stop until he gets justice for his dad. Well he will for sex with Joey's sister Ally Sheedy, wow I couldn't see that coming at all.

Judd tricks his step mum in to believing someone is being indited for his dads death and pisses off Ally when she tries to help by becoming a dancer at Kerch's club and telling her not to be detective. What men should remember is women are smart and good at finding clues. So far the detective work of this film seems to be Judd and Joe stealing from Kerch.

I think I know why this film was not really seen in the 80's and isn't remembered as much as other Brat pack films. I am following all the plots but they are all confused and badly edited with a load of continuity errors due to editing.

The Chief has turned up again and tells them to back off but that’s like telling some one not to press a button. A dancer from Kerch's club, who played the female vampire in Fright Night 2, apparently has all the gossip on Kerch.

I really am wishing this film would end and make sense, cause I really don't care about anybody in this film. There is nobody in this film which is likeable, even the dancer is evil and setting up Judd, Joey and Ally for a shoot out at a motel. Joey and Judd get arrested, but the Chief is covering up for them again for the third time in this film and tells Judd to get out of town for good.

This is such a boring and confusing film and not confusing in a good way like Inception or In The Mouth of Madness just plain confusing. Oh look Joey (David Caruso) is killed I didn't see that coming from the start of the film. Cause the “hero” needs a reason to return and finish what he started.

Kerch's people are just plain weird though out this film I have not been sure if I should be taking them seriously or if they are meant to be the comic relief. The final battle reminds me of the ending of the film Super with one guy taking on the bad guy and his house of minions. But I still think I have been right about the Chief from the start as he arrives just in time to kill 2 minions of Kerch.

So the Chief kills Kerch and I hope Judd finally realises what I saw from the start the Chief is evil, I guess he had to get shot first by the Chief to realise. Oh yay it must be the end of the film we have the Bad guys monologue and then Judd shoots him.

As there is no proof of who killed who and why, surely that means Judd goes to prison for murder, but this is a movie so I guess not and he rides off into the sunset with Ally on his bike.

OK so the movie was only and Hour and 20 minutes but boy how to make a movie complicated, I know at times Hamlet can be confusing but at least you felt some sort of connection with the main protagonist. From the get go I didn't like anybody apart from Ally's character, everybody else was corrupt even Judd and Joey at times I felt Judd's character was just doing everything for the fun of it like crank calling his step mum and just genuinely being a spoilt brat. The ending felt like a complete anti climax the ending of Turner and Hooch with the reveal that the Chief was behind everything was handled way better then this. So in conclusion I would not recommend this film.

Next I return to the colour Green with the Green Lantern I just hope I can sit though it all.

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