Friday 9 September 2011

WISHMASTER 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

Welcome to another WISHMASTER review, lets hope it's the last one.
This is another straight to DVD release and it was filmed back to back with the third one but is meant to have a more adult tone.

The movie starts with a naration of the Djinn, then we see a couple move into their new house and have sex and leave the front door open, I know it is filmed in Canada but that’s just asking for trouble. The credits are still rolling and we have tit shots, sex and naked drawing they leave on a motorbike and next it's 3 years later, so what was the point of that opening other then to fulfil the 18 rating.

The girl (Lisa) from the start goes to another man's house to discuss a case that they are working on, the guy called Steve loves her and gives her a silver mirrored box with a big red ruby in it, she drops the box when the guy tries to kiss her. Neither of them noticed the big ruby till Lisa goes to leave and touches the ruby awaking the Djinn and her connection to it. Steve puts the ruby in his safe and Lisa goes home.

Lisa's boyfriend Sam from the start is now in a wheelchair and is a drunk and is very angry that they haven't had sex in 3 years, he believes Lisa is sleeping with Steve their lawyer. Meanwhile Steve finds the Djinn in his house wishes that the Djinn would not talk in riddles and then is killed and his identity taken by the Djinn.

We get more tit shots of Lisa in the shower and her trying to cheer Sam up, but the Djinn Steve turns up and takes Lisa to breakfast. He gets her to make her first wish, that the company responsible for the failed brake's on Sam's motorbike would settle, the Djinn gets the other lawyer on the phone and makes him pull out his tongue, cut off his nose, stab his face, sign the settlement and then shoot himself. At least with this film so far, I can see why it is an 18 rated film there is nudity and some gore.

Though they got ten million dollars Sam is not happy as he believes Lisa is only with him for the money and will leave him. Djinn Steve invites them to dinner but Sam refuses to go, Lisa makes her second wish, that Sam could walk again, we see Sam struggle in pain while Lisa and Steve are entertained by a belly dancer, we see a couple kiss and the waitress says she wishes someone would kiss her like that and then every person in the restaurant starts kissing her. Usually the Djinn's wishes lead to death but we don't see her hers kills her.

Lisa asks why he is still angry, he tells her he hated being pittyed and that the sex has not been great since he's been in the wheelchair, so he heads to a strip club and she heads to Steve's. Steve and Lisa chat and he explains the difference between a prayer and a wish, she asks for some water and she makes a third wish that she could love Steve as he really is. So at least the title of the film is accurate the prophecy has finally been fulfilled, she made 3 wishes.

I have noticed that this film has chosen to ignore the physic connection the waker and Djinn have, so Lisa does not have any visions of pain and suffering which is probably why she is completely oblivious to what she has done.

Steve asks Lisa to leave and the other Djinn tell him to grant her wish but he can't because love must be given freely. I'm reminded of the 3 provisos of the genie in Aladdin which were 1, he can't kill anyone 2, he can't bring people back from the dead and 3, he can't make anyone fall in love. This Djinn has broken rule one so who's to say he can't break the other rules.

Steve goes to see Lisa's friend for some advice on love and asks her how he can tell Lisa his secret, while what appears to be the Angel Michael, called the Hunter is awakened and is hunting for the waker and Djinn. Lisa's friend wishes fro some killer sex and has sex with thin air up the wall, who knew thin air is all you need to have sex with. Lisa dreams of having sex with Sam but the Djinn turns up and she wakes up screaming just as Sam comes home and he gets upset that she had a nightmare about having sex with him.

Sam starts carving a statue based on his drawings of Lisa and Steve goes to a strip club, Steve is trying to understand human love and seems to think it is all based on money and sex. The Hunter goes to Lisa's shop and cuts off her other friends head and goes after Lisa. Steve invites Sam to the strip club and asks him to make a wish but he refuses, Steve is chucked out and and beaten up by a bouncer and then beats up and kills the bouncer after he wishes he would have put up a better fight.

The other Djinn have another go at Djinn Steve and tell him to grant Lisa's wish, the Hunter catches up with Lisa and tells her he must kill her for waking the Djinn and chases after her, she crashes her car and runs off from the Hunter and Steve saves her and fights the Hunter with a branch against a sword, the Djinn then makes a sword from the ruby and defeats the Hunter and kills him. Another one of the pointless story lines in this film which just makes this dull.

Lisa finds a letter from Sam telling her he's gone and won't be back and how much Steve loves her, Steve turns up tells her how he feels and they make out and start having sex in the living room while the other Djinn watch and touch her, the sex lasts less five minutes, he asks her if she loves him for who he is and she doesn't answer his question, she asks who he is and leaves to get dressed and the other Djinn start destroying her house and Steve Djinn tries to get her to except him for who he is but Sam turns up and shoots the Djinn in the form of Steve, himself and Lisa then he wishes for a way to kill him and is given a sword which the Djinn stabs through Sam's chest.

Sam plays dead and Lisa goes to kiss the Djinn in Sam's form she pushes the Djinn on to the back of Sam and kills the Djinn before the final wish was granted and Lisa ends up single.

That was just awful to watch, there were so many pointless scenes which did not add to the story other then to make the film last longer the Hunter was pointless and the scenes of Sam carving a statue of Lisa added nothing other then telling you that he still loved her.

I have to say that at least it wasn't WISHMASTER 2 but I said that about the third film, this film starts as a horror film then changes into a strange love story that doesn't end in the way I expected, I had thought that it would end with her truly loving the Djinn just like beauty and the Beast and then there would be hell on Earth.

If you do ever feel the need to watch any of the WISHMASTER films I would say watch the first film but if you do want to watch a sequel just stick the third, but definitely avoid the second film at all costs.

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